If you are thinking about applying for loans for bad credit, you might want to try to find someone who is a direct lender instead of going with a broker or some other third party.

The reason is that if you apply directly you will get a decision in mere minutes instead of having to wait for hours before you even know if you are approved or not.

Because your criteria is going to be matched against their own set of the things they are looking for, and they don't have to communicate with any third parties, you can get a decision immediately. If you go through a third-party however, they will need to show the information you've submitted on the form to various other third parties. You are going to be stuck waiting around while the various lenders look at your information and decide if they can offer you a loan or not. This can extend the process several hours, or sometimes even for days while you wait and your financial crisis keeps causing you problems.

Another benefit is that your information is not shared with tons of other people.

If you do a deal with a broker or another third-party, your information is going to be passed around all over the globe. It might even be sent to other brokers. Do you really feel comfortable knowing that your private details are being shown to several different companies? Some people might say that by showing your information to many different lenders and brokers, you open yourself up to getting the best deal on your bad credit loans. While this does have some truth to it, you are also opening up the possibility that your credit history is going to be accessed by multiple different parties. Your information is going to be passed down to several different third parties, and you are not even going to know who they are. More than that though, you have never given your consent for these people to have your private information. This raises a whole host of different security problems.